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In this RP, Each Sailor Senshi has a Pokemon that act like advisors to their owners. Each has the power of speech and has a symbol of their respectful planet on them. They served along with their owners in the Silver Millenium, in the respected kingdoms. Throughout the series, the Pokemon serve as mentors and confidantes, as well as a source of information and new tools. They are able to advise the sailor Senshi on their duties, on the history of the Moon Kingdom, and on ancient legends which illuminate the best course of action. In addition, they are able to produce special items that allow the Senshi to awaken, or that strengthen their powers. These Pokemon are featured less prominently as the series progresses, but increased emphasis is placed on them as more than counselors.


Mr. Gibles

Mr. Gibles is a Garchomp, who is advisor to Queen Serenity, never to leave her side. However, when the kingdom fell, he, along with the other pokemon, were put into a deep sleep and were sent to earth to look after the future senshi who were to be reborn there. Part of his memory was surpressed on his travel to earth. All he remembers is that he's supposed to help awaken the sailor senshi. He found Luna Hunter, and helped her transform into Sailor Moon, not aware that it was a disguise to hide the reincarnated queen.

Mr. Gibles and Luna, have a very close bond, but they tend to quarrel on certain aspects. He loves to eat, and will do anything for his owner. While usually happy-go-lucky, he won't be afraid to attack anyone who hurts his pokemon allies, or their owners. Luna included. His attacks include Crunch, Earthquake, Dragon Rush, and Slash.


Pan is a Pikachu who served as the advisor and friend of Princess Saturn. When the Moon Kingdom was attacked by the Negavere, he was put into a deep sleep and was sent to modern day Japan to help reawaken the Sailor Senshi. Pan remembers bits and pieces of his past. Pan later discovered Jen Pewter and helped her to realize her destiny as Sailor Saturn.

Pan shares a very close bond with Jen and is often offering her advice and guidance. Pan is very mature and intelligent for a Pikachu and is fiercely loyal to Jen and the other Senshi. His attacks are Thunderbolt, Shock Wave, Volt Tackle, Quick Attack.

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